MAS Programs – Monthly Sustainability Highlight!

The new class of MAS students who started at Scripps in July are being fully indoctrinated into all aspects of marine biodiversity and conservation. In addition to extensive coursework and projects which they will develop and carry out over the course of this year, the MAS program is practicing sustainability by using the Scripps reusable dishware set at their summer events. The reusable dish set, which is maintained by Allyson Long (Scripps Safety Coordinator), provides a way to host ~20 person events without generating single-use waste.

The MAS program has so far hosted two events with the reusable dish set. In August, the MAS Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (MBC) group had a mixer with the Ocean Biosciences PhD students to meet, share research ideas, and talk grad life. Having familiar faces and PhD student mentors will help the MAS MBC students take full advantage of Scripps resources during their fast-paced, one-year program. In early September, the MAS Climate Science and Policy (CSP) program had a reception at Scripps following their weeklong trip to Sacramento for the Climate Adaptation Forum. During the forum, the cohort learned about current challenges and emerging trends in climate resiliency work and discussed how to support the State’s transition from adaptation awareness and planning to action. Needless to say, they didn’t want to come home and use a bunch of disposable dishes to celebrate. As MAS Program Coordinator Risa Farrell noted, “What better way to discuss all this food for thought on policy, than by using reusable dishes!”

The MAS MBC and CSP programs emphasize conservation and many of the students choose capstone projects focused on marine conservation and climate issues. Social events are an important part of the cohort’s bonding, idea-sharing, and networking, and having events that emphasize reusable practices such as non-disposable dishware helps the program stay true to its conservation principles. In addition to utilizing reusable dishware, the MAS programs provided all incoming students with a reusable water bottle and utensil set, with the expectation that students would bring these items to all events. The MAS program plans to continue using the Scripps reusable dishware set at events throughout the year, and Scripps Sustainability’s goal is to expand the set to accommodate larger events.

The set is available for checkout to anyone at Scripps free of charge (you must wash the dishes before returning). If you would like more information about checking out the reusable dishware set, please visit the “Sustainability at Scripps” website at:├é┬á